Learn Suzuki Violin or Cello in as little as 6 months per book!

Your roadmap to becoming a well-rounded string player with Rebekah Hood-Sava

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  • This approach is based on learning music like a language, with positive reinforcement and repetition.
  • Called the "Mother Tongue" approach, it is designed to be taught as a mother would encourage their child to speak.
  • Bite-size learning makes the approach fun and seemingly easy, although it always takes discipline and dedication to learn a stringed instrument.
  • Shinichi Suzuki (the man who created this approach) believed that adding music to one's life would create peace and harmony in the world and well-round any personality.

    In these courses, you will receive a Comprehensive Curriculum of lessons and repertoire. You will learn the Suzuki repertoire of songs along with scales, techniques, tone exercises, music reading, and vibrato. Each Suzuki song has a new technique embedded into the repertoire and is a fun way to accomplish the instrument, making learning fun!

    See Previews of the lessons for free when you click on each course.

    These are Subscription-based courses where you pay monthly for access, going at your own pace, and as a result, you pay a fraction of the cost of in-person lessons. Watch the lesson of the week, review them as many times as you would like, and practice with the provided practice video. If you feel confident in all aspects, move ahead to the next lesson and accomplish the next aim. Then repeat the process each week until you accomplish the entire book! If you need a review of the topic, review the lesson or email the teacher with questions. If you like, you can submit a check-in video monthly for the teacher. If you feel you need a more hands-on approach, sign up for "Real-Time" Zoom lessons.

    Rebekah Hood-Sava has a Master’s in Suzuki Pedagogy, a Post Graduate degree in Music Performance, Registered Training on both violin and cello, a California Teaching Credential, as well as teaching in public schools and for Community college. Having taught for 25+ years, she now offers her expertise to you! Please contact us with any questions at [email protected]

    Each course includes:
    • 20+ hours of instruction for each book in bite-size lesson modules
    • Email support at any time
    • Optional Private feedback once a month
    • A Companion YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/SuzukiViolinOnline
    • Subscription-based. No contracts. Cancel anytime.
    • 30 day money-back guarantee

    To work on each complex element in a systematic and approachable way, each lesson is divided into bite-size chunks:

    • Intro: Overviewing content of the lesson
    • Review: Improve on learned techniques/songs by performing more smoothly, adding dynamics or vibrato
    • Polish: Refining a current piece or concept
    • Scales and Tonalizations: Pitch and tone exercises
    • Reading books: How to read music step by step
    • Practice video: All elements organized for daily practice

    Testimonials from users:

    I am so thankful for everything you have been for us. Iris enjoys your classes and is learning so much. You are such a great teacher! Thanks! Becky R.

    Thank you so much for your teaching! Our son learns so much! Vivek S.

    Thanks, Rebekah! It has been great to have you involved with our kids. We happily recommend these courses with you to anyone interested! Susan J.