Online Suzuki Violin Lessons or Suzuki Cello Lessons

Learn Suzuki violin or cello online with detailed instructional lessons, quizzes, weekly practice videos and bi-monthly or monthly feedback from the teacher!

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Suzuki approach instruction is based on learning music like a language, with positive reinforcement and repetition. It is often called the "Mother Tougue" approach as it is designed to be taught as a mother would encourage their child to speak. Bite size learning makes the approach fun and seemingly easy, although it always takes discipline and dedication to achieve. Shinichi Suzuki (the man who created this approach) believed that adding music to one's life would create peace and harmony in one's life and well round any personality.


Suzuki violin lessons online helps bring music to more students every day. This is a Subscription course where you pay monthly for access and go at your own pace. You will have free access to any lower levels, but not upper levels until you have completed them. The teacher will dictate your readiness to move on to the next book as you send her regular videos. You are able to watch the lessons at your own pace and review them as many times as you would like in the month. Watch the lesson of the week, practice each time with the provided practice video, submit a practice video bi-monthly or monthly for the teacher and receive feedback. Then repeat each month! If you need a review of the topic review the lesson or email the teacher with questions. If you feel confident in all aspects, move ahead to the next lesson and accomplish the next aim.

HOW TO JOIN: Click the enroll now button to practice and learn through weekly online lessons on how to play the violin through interactive instructional videos! Starting with parts of the instrument, set up of position, including weekly practice videos, quizzes, and how to read music! Each week is designed like a private lesson with a Review, Polish, Working element, and a New piece or section. Reading lessons, scales, and Music Teachers Association of California "Certificate of Merit" technique is presented when ready. Also included in each lesson is a weekly practice video and bi-monthly or monthly video checks in with your teacher!

Please contact us with any questions or concerns. Your instructor, Rebekah Hood-Sava, has taught for 20+ years and looks forward to helping you succeed. [email protected]